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New wide and thin designs
Glitter washi is here!!
Biggest order yet
Getting ready for the Christmas rush
Washi Tape by the Metre


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New wide and thin designs

Pleased to report we added a whole swag of new thin, 10mm designs.  These have proven very popular with our journal and planner customers.

We've also more than doubled the number of wide designs we offer by the half metre.  We've had great success with these, so decided to offer a much greater choice of designs and widths.  Our wide designs now range from 20mm to 40mm wide and are only $1 for a half metre, wrapped around a gift tag.

Glitter washi is here!!

We've seen glitter washi tape popping up in a few places and wondered what it would be like.  Couldn't imagine how it would be.  Well, we decided to get some in to give it a test run and can I just say, it's lovely stuff.  Feels great, looks great and well.... is just the most gorgeous, glittery sticky stuff we have every seen.

We are able to source it from our usual washi tape supplier and the 10 colours we have in our range are all very beautiful.  Feast your eyes.

Getting ready for the Christmas rush

Expecting to be very busy over the next few weeks, so ordered in a top up supply of postcards.
We use these when we send out our washi tape and also our origami paper.
2000 arrived yesterday morning and I'm looking forward to working my way through these.

Look what I found.............

I know I've already posted to my blog today, but just had to share this great find.
Crazy Clark's has closed down in Albany Creek, but has been replaced by a Bargain Central.  We paid the new store a visit this afternoon, and I couldn't believe all the yummy, crafty stuff they had.
Grabbed this great storage box, thinking I could store and display my WASHI TAPE samples.  It's just perfect.  And a bargain at $5.99.

26 New Little Beauties........

Hello from a very tired me!!
We've just received our biggest order of WASHI TAPE ever, and have just spent most of the day sorting and listing.  We have even more really pretty patterns now, and I've been having a little crafty moment with some kraft tags I purchased.
Think they look cute.  Might punch a heart or flower out of the bottom left corner of each for an added detail.  Would love to know what you think of these.

Who wants a FREE roll of WASHI TAPE........?

Hi all......was just wondering if anyone is interested in scoring a FREE roll of WASHI TAPE?? 
CHIYOGAMI DESIGNS has sold over 1000 rolls since we started selling WASHI TAPE in April this year, and thought we should have a little celebration.
You can choose any roll in ourebay store.
In order to qualify, just leave a comment on this blog post, visit ourebay storeand purchase any of our items, mention the blog post at checkout, and the tape you would like, and we'll send you that tape for FREE along with the item or items you have purchased.

More, more, more........

32 new WASHI TAPES arrived on Tuesday.  Some really really funky new designs.  All now listed in our ebay store and all only $2.50 per roll.  Here's a pic or two of my favourites.  Find them all here at CHIYOGAMI DESIGNS

All dressed up

Promised a pic of the Lemon Butter all dressed up with there WASHI TAPE tags.  Here they are looking very very cute!

Lemon Butter anyone?

Grandma is making Lemon Butter for the Hillbrook Sustainability Day this Saturday.  I'm making some pretty tags to decorate the jars, using WASHI TAPE, some card tags and some ribbon.  I think the jars are going to look just beautiful.  Will post another update with photo's of the finished product, once the Lemon Butter is made.
There's going to be Chocolate Fudge and Date Loaf too!!

A great storage solution

So....what do you do when you have over 1000 rolls of WASHI TAPE that need to be stored.  You get your best buddy, who just happens to be a cabinet maker, to whip you up a little 'on the wall' storage unit.  Check out the pic....she's a beauty!  Thank you Tony....you are a legend!
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